July 29 – Perspective

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAnother Monday and it finally isn’t going to be raining!  I am so thrilled about that!

Just three days left of July’s Photo-A-Day Challenge.  I haven’t done a photo each day but most of them.  It has been so much fun.

Today’s challenge is Perspective.  I took three photos for today.  What do you think?

The first is looking up at a beautiful and very tall tree, the second is a line of blocks along a driveway, and the third is a drain along that same driveway.  It is actually empty in the picture.

I loved all of the detail of this amazing and very tall tree.  I want to reach out and touch this bark and sit under the canopy of leaves.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe blocks are also interesting and starting to show their wear and tear.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFor the drain, this reminds me of the side of a bowling alley.

I wonder what other perspectives we can find today that are different and unusual?  It should be fun to find out!!  Have a great start to your week.

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