July 27 – Black and White

Hi and Happy Saturday!  Today’s photo challenge is Black and White.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI can think of many things to write about but taking photos is more challenging for me.  I did take three pictures for this challenge.  Please let me know what you think.

Remember the Michael Jackson song, Black or White?  I thought of this one today.    And, “What is black and white and read all over?  A newspaper.”  I still love to read an actual newspaper but now a lot of them have color in the ads and photos.

This first picture is of the black handrails and white steps outside my in-law’s house.   There are other colors in the background, but I thought it was a cool angle.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe second one is a close up of one of my blouses.  It has a nice design.  This blouse I bought at a second-hand store.

The third one is two stuffed animals that Ian was playing with — a fire dog and a cat.  He has been saying they are family.

I wonder what other black and white GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAitems I will see?