Weight Loss Update – 5 Pounds Lost!

scaleHi and Happy Wednesday!

Hope you are having a great week.  Mine has been good so far.

When I weighed myself most recently, I had lost 5 pounds!  Yeah!  I still have a long way to go but I am getting there!

I guess it’s the little steps that make the most difference.  And, I have been making them.  I am eating better and making more sensible choices, and have been walking more.

Still there are many pounds to go and many miles to walk or bike.  I won’t let myself get overwhelmed by it — or it would be an uphill battle.

I have lost weight before and know I can do it again.  Here I am pictured at a really good weight 6 years ago with my nephew Aiden. We were at the San Diego airport for a beach vacation.

Vacation 2006 070This was taken before I got pregnant with Ian.  I gained quite a bit of weight during my pregnancy.  Then about a year ago, I gained some more and realized I weighed more than when Ian was born.   That was quite depressing to discover. ARG!!

The size in this picture wasn’t the smallest that I have been but I felt good, was comfortable in my skin and my clothes.  And, my blood pressure was under control.

Now I keep photos like this and others as motivation and inspiration to stay on the journey.

My downfall continues to be too little exercise and stress eating.  Right now, I am super busy and life is quite stressful.  At night, I eat for comfort and that isn’t good.  I don’t do this every night, but it’s enough to make a problem for me.

I am working to change this and find a way to exercise, which always helps me with stress.  I also try to have time to relax and do a few activities that I really love — like reading, word finds, taking photos, writing, walking around the neighborhood, shopping at discount stores and book stores, listening to music and/or dancing and singing, and spending time with Ian and Kirk and friends and family.

In a few months, there will be some changes so hopefully all of this will be easier for me.

I’d love to hear from friends, family, and followers who are also on a weight loss journey or some other journey.  It is always helpful to have others in your corner.

During my journey, I have been learning a lot about myself and what my triggers are.  That has been helpful in making some lasting changes.

I wonder if I will lose more weight this week.  I also wonder what new things I will learn that will help me.  I look forward to the adventure.

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update – 5 Pounds Lost!

  1. The things that worked best for me was having accountability to someone else and making exercise fun. Last year when I lost almost 30 pounds, it was largely due to the fact that I was weighing in every week with the school nurse. It doesn’t have to be a nurse, but someone you trust that you are willing to share accountability. I’ve heard of people doing it with a long distance friend where you take a photo of your feet on a scale each week and email it. Also, adding music to my walks/runs made it much more fun. Find fun songs that motivate you. Two of my favorites (crazy, but fun) are Kung Fu Fighting by Ceelo Green and Jack Black and Love Shack by the B-52s.


    • Cindy, Thanks for the comment! I do appreciate it very much. You are right that having someone to be accountable to is helpful. I found that helped when I was going to Weight Watchers meetings. And, I agree about the music! I does help!

      I like the photo idea too! I know I can do it — just have to stick with it. Thanks! Patti

      • iPods and MP3 players are relatively inexpensive and you could load up a few songs to listen to–in one ear if your son is with you–and enjoy a brisk walk. We are very proud of your efforts and accomplishments in this regard. You will be successful, and I am planning to be successful too. We love you!

      • Thanks Mom! This is a great idea! As you know, Ian does like to walk around our neighborhood so this is great.

        Thanks also for your support and kinds words. Love you too! Patti

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