Live, Love, Laugh

3Cates.9-2012I saw a photo a morning on Facebook and was inspired.  It stated, Live, Love, Laugh and was on a bicycle near a beach with flowers and two tea cups on a table.

It was beautiful, but I couldn’t copy it to here without a computer problem.

(Actually I tried to and got a threat on my virus protection, so I had to delete it.  I guess what I share on Facebook has to stay there.)

I liked many elements about this photo — including what looks like the beach and ocean in the background — two of my favorite things.

In addition, I liked the flowers, tea cup, and bike.  All of these are great and fun ways to relax.  I love the beauty of flowers, the taste of tea, and exercising on a bike is fabulous.

Instead of that other photo, I added this photo of myself with my hubby and son last summer since we were having fun and full of smiles. That particular day we were living, loving, and laughing.

I think the words are very important to remember!  Don’t you?!

Live — this means making the most of each day that we are given.  After all, we don’t know how long we have.

Having a child helps me to be able to live in the moment, since that is what he does each and every day.

Love — this is equally important I think.

Telling your loved ones that you do love them each day is very important.

As my friend Gordon told me and I remember, never be a grave hugger.  Tell those who love that you do and try not to leave things on a bad note with someone.

Laugh — this is something I enjoy doing and try to each day.

My husband and son make me laugh and so many other people and things do as well.  I firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine.

It is important to surround ourselves with people who make us laugh and bring joy into our lives.  I hope that you do have people like that in your life.  I do in mine and I feel very fortunate.

I wonder if I can remember to Live, Love, and Laugh each day!  I am certainly going to try!!

Here is a link for a blog I wrote on a similar subject last year:

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