Art Work by Ian

My son Ian loves to draw and color.  So, I thought I would share a few of his recent creations  with you my wonderful readers.

Note-To_mommyThe first one I wanted to post is a note that he wrote to me.  The note said, Dear Mommy, I am writing this note because I love you.  Love Ian.

I then told him, “Ian, it is so sweet.”  He then said, “I know Mommy.”

Don’t you just love his response? It cracked me up and touched me.  You will also notice that he wrote his name and To Mommy.

Invisible_MonsterThe next picture is his rendition of The Invisible Monster.  We talked about what invisible monster means but he still wanted a picture.  For this one he signed his name.  Next is his Vampire Family Car (Van). Vampire_Family_Car

Don’t you love the smiling animal? And, finally is the picture of Hummy the Hummingbird walking.  Hummy_The_Hummingbird

I hope you enjoyed his artwork as much as I did.

I wonder what creations he will come up with tomorrow?  I cannot wait to find out!

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