Happy Birthday Rich!

candlesToday is my friend Rich’s birthday!

Happy Birthday to you dear Rich!  I hope that you have a great day!

Rich is a great guy and has his own business.  He can fix about anything and is smart.  He loves Nascar, his wife, family, and friends, and to tinker around with a variety of things at his house.  He is a lot of fun to be around too!!

Many years ago, before I met Kirk, Rich nicknamed me Patti Cakes, and used to call me that for a while.  Little did he know that my name eventually could be Patti Cates.  Notice just one letter is different — the K which starts Kirk’s name. Interesting, wouldn’t you say?

I have known Rich and his wife Karen for almost 20 years.  Karen and I worked together in the same office for four years.  During that time, we got together a lot.  I was single at the time and the two of them always made me feel welcome and not like I was a third wheel.  I have always appreciate that about them.

One time we went to their beach house and had so much fun.  We talked the entire way in the car since it was a road trip, and then continued when we got there.  It is nice to not run out of things to discuss.  For a time, Rich was the big brother that I never had.

After I met Kirk, the four of us would get together and have a blast.  It was great that all of us got along well with each other and liked each other. That is rare and I so appreciate it!

Rich also tells great stories and jokes.  He is always fun to talk to.  I haven’t seen him or Karen in a while and miss them both.  We now live in different states so it is more of a challenge to get together.

We do, however, keep in touch, so that is great.  Hopefully we can plan a get together soon!!

Happy Birthday to you Rich!  May you have as fun a day as you are!  Love you both!!!

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