Convention Adventure

school-mathHi and Happy Monday!

Over the weekend, my husband, son, and I worked in a booth during a home school convention.  My hubby works with his dad in an educational consulting ministry.  If you’d like more on that, please let me know.

Ian and I were there to help and it was really a neat experience.   It was fascinating meeting the parents and their children.

For years, I have known people who home school their kids.  I always have wondered how in the world they do it.  Now, being around some of them regularly, I see that it is a true calling for these families.  The families feel that this is the best option for their kids and their education.

My family’s background is the public school system.  My parents, my grandparents, an aunt, an uncle, and my sister are teachers.  I guess you could say we are all about education — whether it be in a classroom or a room at home.  There are many ways for children to succeed in learning!!  I think that these different methods can work — it’s just up to each family to decide.

Some snippets of the weekend:

  • Seeing a Mennonite family with 9 kids.  They were all very quiet and well-behaved.  I couldn’t help but think about dinner time, bed time and traveling with that large a family.
  • Enjoying the fun of Ian making friends with the kids in the next booth.  They were there with their mother.
  • Finding and purchasing a book about Dr. Seuss for Ian.  Personally, I think Dr. Seuss is a genius and one of the finest children’s authors ever.  He is my inspiration!  And, I love that Ian really likes his books.
  • Writing a story with Ian while waiting for people to stop by our booth.  He drew the pictures, told me the story, and I transcribed it for him.  I will be posting these soon over a few days.
  • Purchasing a pencil made of wood from Walnut Grove — the location of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s fabulous series of books.  This series, which started with “Little Cabin in the Woods,” was one of my favorites ever growing up.  The booth where I found this also had a book about Walnut Grove, recipes from that era, and outfits that could be purchased.  It was great!
  • Making friends with a custodian who worked at the convention hall.  She was a sweet young woman.  I also enjoyed meeting a lady working in the cafe at the hall.  She was very friendly as well!
  • Taking materials and Ian outside after a fire alarm sounded.  Many people stood around wondering what to do.  My thought was go outside people!!  With so many kids there, shouldn’t we be sure to show them that you do leave a building with a fire alarm going off?  Yes I think so!  We found out that the culprit was a popcorn popper too close to the alarm.  That pesky popcorn.
  • Having Ian fall asleep during dinner on Friday night after a full day of fun at the convention.  I had to carry him from the lobby where I ate, rode up on the elevator to the 6th floor where our room was, and then all the way down the hall.  Then I used the electronic key as I held him.  I said, “whew” when I was finally in our room!
  • Seeing the joy of Ian staying at a hotel for the first time.  Well, at least the first time he could remember.  “Mommy, it’s really cool to live at a hotel for a few days,” he told me.  “Yes it is Ian.”

All in all it was a great weekend.  We met some neat people and learned more about another way of educating children.  There are many ways.

I wonder if all kinds of education can be respected and appreciated.  I sure hope so!

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