Love, Feel, Observe, Absorb, Listen

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI came across a great quote recently on a calendar.

  • “Do more than exist… live
  •  Do more than touch… feel
  •  Do more than look…. observe
  •  Do more than read… absorb
  •  Do more than  hear… listen”

Isn’t this great?!  Here are my thoughts on each word of advice.  I would love to hear from you on this quote too!   This picture was taken during an Easter sunrise service.

**Do More Than Exist … Live —

Have you ever felt like your life is just passing you by?  Or the routine is getting to you?  This sentence can remind you to not just exist on auto-pilot, but really live.

We need to make the most of each day and realize that each morning we wake up is another gift that we have been given.  These days go by very fast so it is important to truly enjoy and appreciate them!

Hope you can find a way to truly live and be happy!!

**Do More Than Touch … Feel —

Have you ever noticed the amazing comfortable feeling of a plush blanket or sweater, or the smooth surface of a pebble, or the sand swishing between your toes?

I love to feel different textures and objects.  Sometimes I rub a pebble from the beach to calm me.  Amazing how that works!  But more important are holding hands with my husband, hugging a friend or family member, or cuddling with my son.

When babies are in distress, parents are often told to hold them skin to skin.  Something about the feel of his or her mother’s or father’s warmth and skin contact is comforting to that new and precious little person.  I think the babies feel comforted, as we can be by truly feeling the love of another.

**Do More Than Look… Observe —

Have you ever watched a sunrise early in the morning?  The world seems to wake up and get going.  You can observe the animals and nature spring to life and await the new day.  Ahh, life and all its splendor.

Or the beauty of a sunset going down at a favorite beach?  I love to observe the changing clouds and light, the people watching and playing, and all of life going on as the daylight fades and night comes out.

Life is being lived all around you and I hope you will take the time to observe it!

**Do More Than Read…Absorb —

This is exactly what Ian does when he looks at a book or asks to have one read to him.  As I read the story to him he is absorbing all of the skills of a new reader.  I have heard the saying for years that the way to learn to read is to have someone read to you each and every day.  He learns and absorbs more than I realize.

I just finished a book which totally took me in.   It was so well written that I was transported into another world.  And, in that world, I learned some amazing lessons.  The setting was the 1940s where life was very different.

It was different for women and families and for minorities as well.  Things have changed so much since then and for that, I am thankful.  (I will be writing another blog about this book soon.)

**Do More Than Hear… Listen –

I have heard that mothers can hear their child’s cry even in a crowded room.  Or a mom will wake up in the middle of the night if they hear their child making noise.  I do that with Ian and it baffles me.  I didn’t take a class on that, it just seems to be the instinct.

I love to listen to music in many forms.  From classical to the 80s music to dance music, each kind of music speaks to me and makes me happy.  It often depends on my mood what I want to listen to, and that is often changing.

As far as listening to each other, I hope that we can do that and truly tune in to our loved ones and what they want and need.

**May you live as this quote reminds us to do.  I am going to try to live this way too!

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