Baby, It’s Cold Outside

ice“Mommy, my eyes are cold,” Ian told me this morning.

On this cold Wednesday, this is what he said as we walked from the car to the front door of his school.  As we quickly walked, the cold wind hit his face.

“I know Ian.  That is why we have to bundle up and wear hats and scarves,” I told him.

Neither Ian or I are used to 23 degree weather in the morning.  That was the temperature this morning.  Yesterday, it was 22 degrees.  Brrr,  it’s cold outside.

He was bundled up in his coat which includes an attached hood, gloves, a warm sweater, pants, and socks and shoes.  But, nothing on his face.  So, I will need to look for a scarf for him and a heavier coat, and maybe some insulated pants.

When it’s this cold, the kids don’t go outside to play.  When I picked Ian up yesterday, the students were sitting on the carpet together, had instruments and were singing “Old MacDonald Had a Band.”  It was great.  I was the audience and clapped for them and they smiled.

I think as the week goes on that it will warm up — at least I hope so.  There is, however, a chance of some wintry weather.  I just hope it doesn’t interfere with going to school — especially since had to miss all of last week since he was sick.

On this very cold day, there are a few things I am very thankful for:

  • Hot coffee with creamer
  • Leather gloves
  • A long scarf
  • Fuzzy slippers to wear in the house
  • A bowl of soup or chili for lunch
  • Not having to work outside
  • The chance to cuddle with my husband and son
  • A steaming hot shower in the morning
  • A house with a heater
  • A cozy blanket to sit under while reading a good book

I wonder what the children will be doing today when I pick Ian up?  I imagine it will be something in their classroom since it isn’t supposed to warm up that much again today.

May you stay warm and cozy!

3 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. I said the same thing yesterday…my eyes are cold! hahaha. The windchill here was -10. The low was 2 last night. The high was 11 yesterday. (today is a balmy 18) Brrrr……. When I’m outside going to the barn or feeding the chickens, I’m completely bundled up. The only thing showing is my eyes:)
    Stay warm today! I enjoyed your thankful list:)

  2. I thought it was cold for us!! You are in the arctic weather for sure. BRRR is right!

    Bundling up is the way to go, that’s for sure! You and Ian and the cold eyes — LOL!!

    Glad you enjoyed the thankful list! We’re doing our best to stay warm and hope you can do the same.

  3. I forgot to mention that when I picked Ian up today, the students were playing outside. He was having a great time and all bundled up.

    The sun was shining and it wasn’t nearly as bitter cold as this morning. All the kids were glad to be outside I think, especially Ian.

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