Happy Birthday Richmond!

SRP.33.Patti_Richmond.1990Today, December 28, is my brother Richmond’s birthday!  He is 40 years old today!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us from 1990 at Mission Beach California!  Don’t you love our matching hairdos?

Happy Birthday to you dear Bro!!  I love you so much.  It’s great to have you in the 40s now!  Welcome to the club!

I am 5 years older than my brother.  Throughout our growing up years, there were plenty of conflicts and problems.  And, I remember when I went off to college, he was still a teenager in junior high (before middle school).

Despite some issues through the years and our age difference, we found a way to forgive each other and move on.  Now, we are good friends!  I am so proud of us for doing that!

And, as we were going through the growing pains, I told my parents that Richmond would one day be a fine adult and would impress all of us (or something like that since I don’t exactly remember).

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERATurns out, I was right.  He has grown into a very fine young man.  He has a good job that he enjoys, a great wife who I am also close to, and two great kids.  He is a blessing!!

I love you my dear brother and am so thankful to have you in my life!!  Here we are this summer in San Diego again!  We do like our family time there.

Richmond loves life and his family and friends.  He is crazy about his wife and two kids and has a great time with them.  He is a huge U2 fan and knows all of their songs by heart.  He also loves to read, watch television and movies and can quote from his favorites.  In addition, he likes sports — especially the San Diego Padres (just like me).  He is fun to be with and I love him with all my heart!

Richmond, I wish you a wonderful birthday today!  May you be surrounded by love of family and friends!  And, do some things that you want to do!

I look forward to seeing you tonight for your birthday dinner!  Love you lots.

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