1 Year of Blogging

Good morning and happy Monday!  Hope that you had a great Thanksgiving!

Pictured as my new header are some of the wonderful pies that we had for Thanksgiving lunch.

My parents had more than 20 family members at their house for the day.  It was glorious. Catching up with family was fantastic as was the food.

The entire weekend was full of family and so much fun!


This week marks my 1 year of blogging.  A year ago this weekend, I signed up for my blog.  I got an anniversary note from WordPress, which was a nice touch.

I have loved having this site to write on and share my thoughts and feelings.  I am so thankful to you my readers as well!  You mean a lot to me!  Thanks so much for my followers and all of you who have commented on my writings.

WordPress keeps a count of the blogs that are written and I am now almost to 130 postings.  That seems amazing to me as the year has flown by.  I have been writing a few times a week throughout the year.  I hope to increase the number of blogs that I write this next year.

Please let me know about ideas that you have or items that inspire you.  I’d love to hear from you and share them!  We can find inspiration for many things in the most unlikely places.

Thanks again for the support!  Here’s to another year of blogging!!

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