Happy Birthday Isaac!

Today is my nephew Isaac’s 15th birthday!  Happy Birthday to you dear Isaac!

He was the first grandchild for my parents and a very special boy.  I remember when he was born and how great it was to see his smile and bright, big eyes!

When he was born, I was single and hadn’t yet met Kirk.  Then by the time he was 1-year-old, we got married.  Amazing how much time has gone by!

He has grown into a fine young man who I am very proud of.  Isaac is fun to talk with and spend time with.  Unfortunately there isn’t enough time to do that since we are all so busy.

The picture above is from early summer when we were together.  He is pictured with Ian.  As you can see they are both all smiles.  And, later in the summer we had a week together at the beach and it was fabulous!  So many wonderful memories and great photos.

Isaac is fascinated with learning about various wars, likes to read, and plays the trumpet in his marching band.  He is a busy and very active teenager.  He also likes a variety of movies and television shows and just like his father did, can quote his favorites.

His dad is my brother, Richmond.  He was the youngest of the three of us and the first to have a child.  He has been a great dad to both Isaac and Isaac’s sister Rachel.  And, their mother is Beckie who is my second sister.  I love my family and am happy to know this branch of it!

Isaac, I hope that you have a great birthday, fun with your friends, and a fun birthday party tonight.  I only wish we could be there to celebrate with you.  We do love you and will be thinking of you today!

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip.”  ~Author Unknown

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Isaac!

  1. Such a sweet blog, Patti! Thank you for taking the time to make Isaac feel so special, and thanks for always thinking of us! You are a wonderful sister-in-law!


    • It is my pleasure to write about him! Glad he liked the posting and am glad that you liked it too! I didn’t have a lot of my pictures with me or I might have posted a few more. Love you guys too!

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