Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing…”  the song states.

That is true.  Saying goodbye is often very hard to do.

My family likes to take time with our goodbyes and give hugs and wish one another well.  This is nice but can sometimes be dragged out and become quite emotional.  Some others whom I know don’t like to say bye at all.  Instead you just wait to see them the next time around.

In recent weeks, there have been several goodbyes that I have seen and/or been involved in.  Having family and friends leave at the end of a fabulous vacation is bittersweet.  You remember all of the fun times but are sad that they are ending.  Instead of being with the dear people, you have to hold on to the memories and enjoy the photos that captured your time together.

This week a friend got married.  She has been living with her two sisters for several years.  On her wedding day, she said goodbye to being single and being with her blood family to start a new family with the man who she loves.  She was so excited and I am thrilled for her, but never again will she be at the same house with his sisters without her hubby.  A new chapter of her life and theirs has begun.

This morning, we said goodbye to a friend who is a missionary in the Philippines.  She is going back to continue her work with children and to get married.  She is an amazing young woman who I am so blessed to have as a friend.  I wish her the best and hope to see her again one day.  And, I am in awe of her following this calling.

And with the tragedy last week at the movie theater, I can’t help but think that a lot of people never had the chance to say goodbye.  That to me is very, very sad.  It is important to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you.  Saying, “I love you and I will see you soon” makes total sense to me and is a cherished sentence.

I have to say that the Hawaiians have the right idea with goodbye.  They use the word Aloha which means goodbye as well as Hello.  That is wise because for each goodbye, there is hello.

I like the idea that the end of all things in life, there is some kind of new beginning.  When one amazing opportunity ends, a new opportunity or experience begins.  That is encouraging when feeling sad about having to say goodbye.

Perhaps the better thing to say is “Until we meet again.”

Or as the Irish Blessing goes:

  • May the road rise up to meet you. 
  • May the wind always be at your back. 
  • May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. 
  • And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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