Another Week of Thanks

This has been another week of items to be thankful for and for enjoying the little things.  Not to say the week has been great the entire time, because it hasn’t been.

I have been worried about and praying for several friends and family members dealing with a variety of health issues.  A few are very serious and others are less so, but still worrisome and in need of prayer.  Dear Lord, please wrap your love around them and stretch out your healing hand upon them.  Amen!

Note: This photo was taken on Easter morning 2011 at the sunrise service.

I hope that you too have had some time to enjoy your week!  Please share some of the moments that have meant so much to you!  I would love to hear from you.

My blessings/items to be thankful for are:

  • Seeing Ian’s excitement over learning how beans turn into sprouts.  My mom started the experiment last week and we have been checking each morning on the changes.
  • Sleeping over at my parent’s house and hearing my father play with Ian.
  • Listening to a sermon that God will never abandon us.  “I will never leave you nor will I forsake you.”  What an incredible promise.
  • Enjoying an old song by Don Francisco during the church service.
  • Eating blueberries with my oatmeal.  This is a treat that I haven’t had for a while since blueberries are so expensive.
  • Finding out that I had the highest likes ever on one of my blogs.
  • Gaining several new followers for my blog. I truly appreciate your interest!!
  • Beaming with pride while Ian tells two stories during a family dinner and another one right before bed.  I am truly moved that we have another storyteller in the family and so love his creativity.
  • Cuddles in the morning with my son.
  • Starting and finishing the book, “150 Pounds,” by Karen Rockland, a book of waists and measures as it says on the cover.
  • Losing 3 pounds after feeling I was getting no where in my weight loss journey.
  • Savoring the perfect blend of coffee and creamer in the morning.
  • Watching the sun rise after a day of heavy rain, lightening, and hail.
  • Having a house with a garage during two bouts of hail.
  • Praying for my family and friends and knowing I can talk to the Lord anytime that I want and He will listen.
  • Being entertained as Ian sings part of an Abba song “how can I resist ya…”
  • Reuniting with my husband after his business trip.

May the Lord bless you this week!  I hope that you too can have some time to stop and smell the roses and be thankful for the amazing things in your life.

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