Chemistry and Connections with People

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who you meet and instantly click with?  While there are others that you just can’t relate to?

I recently met some amazing people at a Writer’s Conference and several of us seemed to click right away and become fast friends.

We shared things about our dreams, what we were working on, and some about our lives without any hint of hesitation.

Perhaps it’s because we had a common interest of writing.  And we were all very open to learning more about the craft and about the other people who were there to learn with us.

We just seemed to have chemistry and hit it off immediately.  To me, that is a special and rare gift.

According to Webster, Chemistry is normally defined as “a science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo.”

But it is also defined as “a strong mutual attraction, attachment, or sympathy” or the “interaction between people working together; specifically : such interaction when harmonious or effective.”

In the case of the writers, it was an interaction between people working together.

There is also chemistry with those you fall in love with.  Something just intrigues you about that other person and it’s not easily defined.

When I met my husband, it was at church during a Lenten service.  We were able to talk to each other very comfortably and like we’d know each other a while.  I truly believe that meeting him was divine intervention.

My graduating class from high school also has an amazing chemistry or bond.  We recently celebrated our 25th reunion.  The people who attended all had a good time and interacted with one another.  It is a special group of people who have truly moved past the cliques and junk you deal with in high school.  And, now we enjoy one another’s company and enjoy learning about each other’s families.

And, my cousins and I are totally different people, yet there is a strong bond there.  My grandparents loved having the entire family together and showed us amazing love and caring.  And, that seems to have carried on through the generations.  I am so blessed to have learned from these people — about different ways to think, to live, and different faiths.

There are also some people in my life who I just can’t seem to find anything to discuss.  Each time we are together there is an awkwardness.  I can’t put my finger on how to resolve that either, but I continue to try so the relationship can hopefully improve.

Actors try to find that chemistry with their fellow actors while performing a scene.  Sometimes they have it and other times not.  And, some people in your life, you can totally understand and relate to while others remain a mystery.

I wonder what it is that makes our connections so amazing in some cases and so odd in others. It is truly something to study and ponder.  Please share your thoughts with me and the other readers!

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