Happy Presidents’ Day

Hi!  Hope you have been having a great Presidents Day!

I fondly remember the 3-day holidays when I was working full-time.  They were always to be enjoyed and treasured. The thought of skipping Monday of the work week was always a treat!

Why is it that we dislike Monday so much? I know several people who have Mondays off, so I am sure they don’t feel the same as the people who are starting another week of work on Monday.

I am writing this a bit later than I meant to, but I was just enjoying my lazy time over the weekend with family too much. It was great – a birthday party, another dinner with family, two lunches with family, watching some good shows on television (like the season finale of Downton Abbey as well as an old episode of Simon and Simon — another blog on these sometime), and attending church and having a nice lunch.  I also saw some friends that I used to work with and that was really nice as well.

This is the weekend when lots of stores have sales. So I suppose, you could spend your time buying new things at a reduced cost. That is always nice to do, but we didn’t need much this weekend.

But, the main reason is to honor our first president, George Washington, as well as president Abraham Lincoln — and all other presidents. Each president contributes something and I think it’s nice to stop and think about what they do.  I also think that this position is to be respected.

As you know there is an election this year. Please be sure and vote! It is important for us to have our voices heard. It is great to be a part of the choosing of the next president.  At least, I think it is.

In America, we have the freedom to vote the way we each feel we should. Some around the world don’t have that freedom.

I wonder if we realize how fortunate we are to have the freedoms that we do.  I hope so and I hope you enjoy the holiday!

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