Our Own Cup…

I heard a great quote yesterday.  “We all have our own cup of crazy.”

At first I laughed and thought that is really funny.  But then I started thinking about it, and realized how true it is.

I thought about the fact that everyone has their own stuff to deal with and their own issues. And, we all have craziness in our lives.  All of these things can take many shapes and forms.

Maybe a statement like this can make us more sympathetic. Perhaps we can think about others and what they are dealing with — the loss of a job, the loss of a precious family member, a serious illness, too many activities each week, or the fact that someone’s childhood wasn’t idyllic, but painful and messy.

And somehow people figure out a way to cope with all of these problems and issues and make it through each day. I think most of us are stronger than we realize.

We can also realize that these cups don’t have to take over our entire lives but are instead a part of us.  We can learn from these experiences and hopefully come out the other side with some changes and some new insight.

In addition to cups of crazy, I think we have other cups — like cups of sadness, cups of difficulties, and cups of real struggles.  But on the flip side, we have cups of happiness, cups of love, cups of contentment, and cups of joy.

What cups do you have? And, what are you dealing with?

I wonder if we can be more considerate of others and realize that each of us has cups to deal with. I certainly hope we can.