Practicing Numbers

Today Ian has been focusing on writing numbers.

He is doing a very good job! As you can see from this picture, he wrote the numbers 1-12.

We have flash cards that we have been looking at as well.  He told me a few minutes ago what each number from 1 to 10 was.  Then on the back of the card, there are that number of items (such as kites, frogs, alligators, and red wagons).

He is having fun learning new things but sometimes get frustrated since he wants to know how to do it correctly the first time.  We are doing our best to encourage him to practice and realize that since he is learning, it doesn’t have to be perfect at first.

The learning adventure continues! I wonder what else we will learn today. I can’t wait to find out.  If you have kids who are continuing to learn, I hope you enjoy that adventure as much as I do.

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