Time to Lose Week 3

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I am on week 3 of the weight loss program.  Last week, I didn’t have a chance to write a posting about my progress.  I didn’t gain or lose so I suppose I was continuing to make some good decisions.

This week I have gained 1.5 pounds.  I seem to be going in the opposite direction. That has made me stop and think about what I am doing wrong, or not doing.

As I wrote in my last posting, this past week has been pretty stressful! And I noticed something, I tend to eat comfort food and eat it late when I am stressed. Can anyone else relate to that?

That is something at least – realizing the triggers for eating the bad food choices. I still have much work to do but I feel that is a good step.

Another problem, since things were so crazy this week, there was little time to exercise.  I have come to realize that this must be scheduled in my day in order for me to do it and then turn it into a habit.

I will spend this week continuing to improve my habits and my routine. I want to continue to stay aware of what I am eating and my exercise.  All I can do is try each day and if I stick with the lifestyle change, I will lose.

I wonder if I can handle my stress better this week — with exercise instead of the old standby munchies. I am going to try each day and see what happens.  I just have to realize that some weeks will be harder than others and that’s okay. True and lasting change takes time.

1 thought on “Time to Lose Week 3

  1. Stress does make it harder to lose weight. Eating choices and exercise make for success. Another thing to consider is the time of the month and added water weight. I have had weeks when my food intake was on program but I gained. Other times I ate too much of the wrong things and lost weight.
    This is a lifelong challenge for us. May the Lord bless you with peace about the journey andsuccess overall. Love you!!!

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