Happy 91st Grams!

Tonight we celebrate my grandmother’s 91st birthday. Happy Birthday to you Fran, aka Grams!

My grandmother is quite a lady and someone who I love and respect. She is fun to talk to, fascinating to listen to, and someone who teaches a lot to others.

Grams had a rough childhood and persevered. She has always been a very strong person and very independent. Those qualities have served her well and helped her get through some trying times.

She lost the love of her life, my grandfather, at a young age. That was hard on her and my dad and his sister but they all learned and grew from it. Their lives were never the same, but yet they all made the best out of pain. Showing strength, determination, and joy to make the most of each day is something that she has been doing for a lot of years.

It is amazing to think of what she has seen in her lifetime. So much has changed in her 9+ decades of life and yet she has remained true to herself, and I admire her for that.

When Grams started out working she said there were only 4 jobs available for women outside the home — teacher, nurse, secretary, and librarian. She worked for many years as a secretary. Now the world is open to whatever we women want to pursue.

Grams is a pragmatic and honest person and loves to express herself. What she comes up with can be surprising to some, but it also is a refreshing quality.

I admire Grams for her grit, resolve, and moving through life on her terms. She never was one to let problems get in her way.

She greatly loves her family — 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. She loves to garden, read, watch The Weather Channel, and eat real cheese, real butter, and drink black coffee and a nice glass of wine. She is a fine woman who I am happy to have as our matriarch!!

I love you Grams and wish you a very Happy Birthday! It is an honor to celebrate with you!

I wonder if I can have as long and as rich a life as she has. Hope so!!

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