It’s Time to Lose

Weight loss is often a New Year’s resolution. I suppose you could say it is one for me too. I am also resolving to exercise regularly again.

I am going to do my best, however, to keep these resolutions going even after the end of January.

You see over the last 6 months, I have gotten very lazy and hardly exercise at all.  That is really not good for someone who was already overweight.

Today is the anniversary of my grandfather’s death.  He died of a heart attack in his early 40s before I was even born. I never had the pleasure to know him. And, now that I am about his age, I realize something — I am not ready to go. I have a young son who I want to see grow into a man. So I have to change my bad habits.

Therefore, it’s time to lose weight and make time to exercise regularly and hopefully gain a  new perspective.

Before I became pregnant, I had successfully lost weight on Weight Watchers as well as doing 45 minutes of cardio exercise every day.  That is what I am going to be doing starting today.  Tuesdays were our weigh-in days so I will continue that each Tuesday. I weighed myself prior to writing so I know where I am starting. Too high a number that I hope to have lowered over the next several weeks.

I would appreciate advice from others who are struggling with this issue as well as advice from those who have successfully lost the weight. I am writing this since I plan to make this a priority for myself and I hope to encourage someone else as well.

I wonder if I can reach my goal by my next birthday? I am certainly going to try.

8 thoughts on “It’s Time to Lose

  1. Im sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing. Unfortunately, it takes something like that to realize how valuable our lives are and how we should try to “better” ourselves to prevent anything like that from happening.
    I would love to read about your weight loss journey. I am also trying to lose weight, too, as that is my new years resolution. Are you on any sort of weight loss program? i am trying atkins. please post more of your weight loss journey. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for your interest. I will be posting regularly and do appreciate the support. Not sure of a specific plan yet — other than watching my food intake and exercising at least 30 minutes each day to start and building that time up.
    My grandfather died prior to my birth but it has been amazing to realize that I am nearly the age he was when he passed away. Life is short and I don’t want to waste anymore of it.

  3. I can relate to what you said in this post. I need to do the same. My biggest thing is exercise. My metabolism is so slow…..when I worked out all the time and walked for 18 miles a week, I was fit and felt good about myself. We don’t have a gym close by, so I am left to my own devices. I must do something. I’m tired of too tight clothes.
    Maybe we could be support buddies? I’m serious.

  4. Exercise is my big thing too! Yes, Dawn, I definitely want to be support buddies with you! I am serious too. We need to check in at least once a week and see how the progress is going. Sounds good? I too am tired of too tight clothes and wearing the largest sizes in my closet!

  5. I found a book called The Perfect 10 Diet by Dr. Michael Aziz. It has to do with key hormones and how the body needs certain things in order to lose weight. I’m reading it. It is really good. Yes, we should exercise (important) but, there is more to it than that.

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