Remembering 2011

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.- Hal Borland

That is a quote I found when looking up information about year’s end. I like the sentiment of going on with what you’ve learned in the previous year.

It is hard to believe there are less than 2 days now left of 2011 and then we start 2012. This year seems to have flown by.  We started the year with the loss of a dear uncle, then lost other ones dear to us throughout the year. These losses were hard but each day gave way to new hopes and opportunities and healing from those losses.

In addition to these losses were also wonderful new lives that came — my cousin had a beautiful daughter and a dear friend’s granddaughter was born.  And, other new and exciting things – my son using the potty for the first time, starting to learn his letters, drawing amazing pictures, and having amazing thoughts on a variety of subjects.

This year was quite busy for me and my family.  We traveled several places throughout the year — some for business and some for vacation. Each trip was fun and full of something new.  Whether we were visiting friends and family or visiting a new location, we enjoyed the time that we had. And at the end of each trip, we were blessed to get back home to our house, our community, and church.

Also this year we celebrated many birthdays. My family makes a big deal of birthdays for both the children and adults. And I have to admit that I love that! One day to celebrate another trip around the sun is very special and a gift. That is still a time to feel special and see everyone who truly loves you. A true blessing, that’s for sure.

I also was able to reconnect with some friends and had a great time planning a high school reunion. It was fascinating to hear about everyone’s different path in life. And, we came together to celebrate, get reacquainted, and even start new relationships.

I enjoyed a trip to the beach as well. This is the beach I have been going to since I was a child. It is still a magical place for me and a place that I love to visit! And, now Ian is starting to love as much as I do. We visited with friends and family — some people who we see just once a year. We make the most of that time and start back right where we left off.  Do you have people like that in your life?

Much more could be said about this year, but I mainly want to think back on my memories and hold them near and dear. I have learned to take each day and make the most and best of it. And, I continue to learn to be thankful for all of the gifts that I have and continue to receive.

I do wonder if we carry that wisdom and experience into 2012. I hope and pray that we can.

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