Christmas Blessings

This year was full of Christmas blessings for me and my family.  I hope that it was for you as well.

We had fun with family and friends opening gifts, chatting, eating, resting, playing games, building a new pirate ship, cleaning up the dishes and enjoying all of our new items.

Many blessings for this year — more than I can count. I really enjoyed and appreciated all of the items that I got this year — a new perfume to enjoy, a new cookbook with all new recipes to try, CDs of music, gift cards to pick new items, and jewelry.

My husband and son also received several wonderful items as well. Money, items for a computer, and clothes are always welcome.  And, Ian was thrilled with new books, his new pirate ship, several games, puzzles and items to make toy moldings.

Isn’t it amazing when you receive the exact gift that you have asked for?  Or how wonderful is it when you see your son or daughter or parent or other special someone open a gift that they really wanted? They are truly excited and pleased to receive.

The best part of the holiday though was the time with our family and friends!  The thoughtfulness that went into each gift was so special. And, the time to visit and enjoy one another’s company was so special as well.  The Christmas music sung by the choir and the candlelight services are also something to remember. I also always appreciate Christmas cards and photos and enjoy seeing what people dear to me have been involved with in the last year. And hearing the news that our niece was engaged was truly exciting!

One of the most special gifts that I received was from my sister.  She had a special charm made for me to wear on a necklace or as a pin.  On one side is a photo of our grandparents on their honeymoon.  They were married in 1930 and stayed married for 66 years before our grandfather passed away.  They passionately loved each other and all of their family.  They are truly people to learn from so this photo means more than I can explain here.

The other side is a picture of our family’s beach house with a rainbow on it. This house is one that I have been to for many years – with my parents, aunts and uncles, and my brother and sister and cousins and now with spouses and our children as well.  It is a magical place. This gift touched me and brought tears of joy to my eyes.  It is very sentimental and very special and a gift that I will always treasure!  You did well sis and I appreciate your thoughtfulness so very much!

This week we continue to enjoy time with family and friends and have time to savor our gifts that we gave and received.  I wonder if I can continue this amazing feeling after the week is finished.  I hope and pray that we can.

Thank you Lord for all blessings. Please helps us always to be truly thankful!  Amen

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