The Joy of Christmas

Just a few more weeks until Christmas and there is still so much to do.  Tree and house decorated, check. Gifts purchased, not checked. Photos picked for Christmas card, check. Cards written, not checked.  You see my dilemma.

This is always a very busy time of year with finishing up projects for work, and figuring out which parties to attend, and planning the shopping or craft that you will make for people. I do know a few people who are already finished with all of their purchases for Christmas.  That is amazing and I hope to be able to do that one of these years, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I am trying not to get stressed out about all that is left to do and do a little each day.  And, I am looking forward to this Christmas — especially because my 4-year-old son is so into it this year.  He is excited about every aspect to the holiday season. We are counting the days until Christmas – just 20 now — and enjoy the Advent Calendar. He helped decorate trees at three houses and still can’t get enough of that. He asked for a Santa toy and we found him a singing Santa from a store.  He loves it!!!

As I write this, he is pouring over a toy catalog trying to find each gift that he would like. “I want this girl toy for you Mommy,” and “I want this truck for Daddy.” Very sweet and I have tried to explain I like different things now but he still has in mind his mommy and daddy should get a toy for Christmas. We are going to bake cookies and let him decorate them and he is excited about that as well. That will be messy but fun and a great memory.

My husband and I keep trying to tell him there is more to Christmas than just the presents and that some kids don’t have or get anything. He is interested in giving something to them, so that is really nice. And, we are trying as a family to create our own traditions. That is a precious part of the holiday to me as my family had great traditions as I was growing up and still have them, and my husband’s family has as well.

With all of the activities and craziness that this month often brings, it’s easy to forget the real meaning of Christmas is the gift of love, forgiveness, and sharing with those closest to you.  After all, Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Between now and the end of the month, I am going to be writing about gifts — not those you place under a tree but those things in life that you can’t buy.  Like the gift of health, the gift of love, the gift of music, the gift of time, and the gift of faith.  These are just some of my ideas. Please share others with me. I would appreciate the input very much.

I wonder if we can cut through all of the commercialism and craziness and truly enjoy this gift of Jesus’ Birth and the gift that is Christmas?

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