Motherhood – What An Adventure!

On November 11, I was very moved while watching Good Morning America and seeing all of the babies who had been born in a 24 hour period in Orlando, FL.  New life – so much potential and so much wonder and amazement.  And, these new lives were so peaceful as they were held by new mothers and fathers or hospital employees blessed enough to cherish the wonder of new life.

This also made me think that parenting is not for wimps.  The job of raising a child (or children) is the most important in the world, in my opinion.  But also the one that you are least prepared for.  There aren’t classes since each individual child and his or her parents are so different.  What works for one family may not work for another.  So, you struggle through and do the best you can hoping and praying that the life you are responsible for will listen and learn lessons you teach them.

 I have never been so sleep deprived as the first few years of my son’s life.  I honestly don’t know how I did make it through some days.  And, I was a stay at home mom (except for one month after maternity leave). I often wondered how other mothers did it – those with older children, those working 8 to 9 hours a day, or those single parents.  My hats are off to all mothers – those who work inside or outside the home.  We rock ladies!!  And the fathers also rock!  I couldn’t have made it without the support and love from my sweet hubby.  It was new and frightening to both of us but so worth it.

One other thing until you are ready to give up yourself for a while, children aren’t for you.  I have found so many things that I can no longer do that I used to love because my time is spent with teaching my son and spending time watching him explore the wonder that is his world.  I am not saying I regret having him.  Not at all, I just had to realize that I had to be mature enough to not have a problem with putting his needs ahead of mine for a while. Thankfully that doesn’t last forever since you eventually get into a groove and work your child into the dynamic of the family, but it did take some time to learn and adjust – at least for me. 

For example, I wasn’t able to finish a book until he was 2 years old since it was so hard to focus and find quiet time until he was able to play quietly by himself for 15 minutes.  When I did finish that book, I was so excited and couldn’t believe that it had been so long.  Now that he is 4 years old and on a regular routine, I have me time again and my husband and I have us time too!  That is such a blessing and something I hope that we can all find!  He has been a true gift to both my husband and myself!!

And, on days when I want to pull my hair out (which we all have had), I stop and realize that I have two years until kindergarten and 18 years until he graduates from high school.  Time is flying by and I hope and pray that my hubby and I can make the best of it by teaching our amazing son the lessons that he will need to be an adult who can succeed in life and live to his greatest potential.  Thank you Lord for the gift you gave us in our little angel.  We are learning as much from him as he is from us!

I am at the beginning of this adventure and am so excited and looking forward to the ride ahead!  I would love to hear from other mothers – no matter if you are in the beginning, the terrible twos, the teenage years, the empty-nesters or proud parents celebrating marriage and grandkids.

I still wonder how we can have part of our heart walking around in the body of our children.  My job as a mother is to give my son the tools to leave my husband and me one day and be his own man. A daunting task with lots of responsibility but quite an adventure.

2 thoughts on “Motherhood – What An Adventure!

  1. Loved reading this since today is my son’s birthday. I am so thankful for the gift I received. Thank you for expressing motherhood so well!!!! We are so very blessed. They do grow up so fast….where did the time go….remembering 16 years ago today I became a mom.

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